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Rena Lou Woolever

3181 Beaverhead Street
Alford FL  32420

Email:  renareart@phonl.com


About the Artist

Rena was born and raised on a farm in Indiana and her love of nature is reflected in her paintings.  She has been a resident of Florida for 30 years and now resides in the panhandle area.

Rena is certified in Oils with Alexander Art and in Acrylics with Brenda Harris.  She believes learning is a continual process. She has studied with such prominent artists as Brenda Harris, Robert Warren, Buck Paulson, Claudia Nice, Donna Bryant-Waterson, Lowell Speers, Ton Lynch and others.

Professional Services Offered
  • Teaches classes beginners thru advanced
  • Teaches Oil and Acrylic
  • Murals for home and business
  • Private lesson in all mediums

Also Offering

  • Commissions of landscapes, still life and portraits




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