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Sylvia Wilkinson

Phone  352-495-3174


Email:  sswilkin@bellsouth.net

About the Artist

Sylvia was born in Charlotte, North Carolina where she lived until 1972 when her husband was transferred to Gainesville, Florida.  She and her family owned and operated a photography business until 1999.  Her sons are continuing on with the family business.

Sylvia has been painting in various mediums and techniques for over 15 years.  She became interested in the Bob Ross technique and joined hobby classes from Orange Park to Ocala.

When the family business was sold, she was able to devote more time to painting and began taking instructor Certification classes in April of 1999, becoming a certified instructor in 1999.  Since that time, she has ventured out, doing many different styles and techniques of oil painting.  .     

At the present time she holds classes in Gainesville, Ocala, and Lady Lake.  She has become involved in holding workshops at her country studio by several different famous TV artist.  Check out her website at www.sylviawilkinson.com and go to the "Classes" page to see upcoming paints and classes.


Professional Services Offered
  • Teaches all levels
  • Wet-on-Wet
  • Florals, wildlife and seascapes

Also Offering

  • Private or group classes available
  • Your home or her studio
  • Commissions accepted
  • Original works of Art in assorted subjects

"Down On The Suwannee"


"Mother's Love"

"Festive Candle"

"Indian Girl"
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