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Mara Yeates–Trumbo

Art Expressions Studio

7315 Edmonds Dr, Ellenton, FL 34222

Tel (941) 417-2324 

  E-Mail: ArtExpressions@outlook.com

On Line Gallery: www.picturetrail.com/MaraTrumbo

TEAM Classes @ Vegas

About the Artist

Mara was born in Italy, grew up in Rhodesia, a British Colony in Southern Africa now renamed Zimbabwe, and immigrated into the USA in 1995, making Florida home for 12 years. 

Mara has had no formal training in art except for school art classes in her youth, but her passion for drawing, painting and sculpting, has prompted her to take whatever workshops she could afford between her busy career in travel and being a mom of three daughters. Mara’s greatest inspiration since her move to the USA has been from watching art programs on PBS. She now enjoys oil painting floral compositions in the style of Kathwren and Gary Jenkins, landscapes as taught by Robert Butler in acrylics and Bob Ross in oils, as well as folkloristic One-Stroke™ Painting “alla” Donna Dewberry in which she is a Certified Instructor. Mara however values her individuality too much to emulate any one style, and she often combines all these techniques into one. Her love of art has also extended to learning the skills of hand-thrown pottery and China painting. 

 Mara’s  art works have been exhibited in Johannesburg South Africa in 1995, at the Sarasota Visual Art Center in 1996, Gulf Gate Artist Expo in 1997, Lake Placid Caladium Arts and Crafts since 2002, and at the Mostra Artistica in Bolsena Italy in 2003 and 2004. At The 2005 Lake Placid Country Fair, Mara took home 12 ribbons exhibiting her oil, acrylics, pottery and China painting winning also a “Best of the Best” prize in pottery. Each of her entries also won awards in the 2006 Fair. 

In 2008 Mara and husband Robert decided to spend their “Golden Years” in Tennessee, and built a Victorian home and art studio in Rugby on the Cumberland Plateau. Here Mara continues to teach both “Wet-On-Wet” oil technique and “One-Stroke”™ Acrylic Painting. Under the personal guidance of Gary and Kathwren Jenkins, Mara is continuing her study of fine art to certify as a Jenkins International Art Instructor, in the hope of assisting her mentors with both domestic and overseas workshops. Mara enjoys sharing her love of art and poetry not only with her students, but also with fellow artists as a member of various local art associations.

Professional Services Offered
  • Teaches all levels, but loves the beginner student
  • Enjoys teaching children
  • Demonstrations of Art materials for Manufacturers

Also Offering

  • Demonstrates manufacturers products and painting techniques
  • Paints and teaches in oils, acrylics, glass painting, metal works,  and crafts
  • Commissions accepted for portraits and animal portraits.
  • Original works of Art in assorted subjects

"Back Yard Visitor"


"Antique Roses"

"Seascape Lighthouse"

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