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Pat Salopek

Creative Arts

904 Muldowney Ave
Pittsburgh, PA, 15207


Email: patsal1@yahoo.com


About the Artist

I am married to a wonderful man, Tom, who has backed my desire to paint and teach. I have 2 beautiful daughters and 3 wonderful grandchildren. I started painting on my own aproximately 7 years ago, but always had an ambition to teach others. I received my teachers training certification through the Alexander Art Company in May of 2011. Since that time I have been excited to see many develope their desire to paint. I have won many awards through the years at one of our local fairs. The different fields that I have entered include oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolors, mix media and charcoal. Also, I was the craft manager for 4 years at our local Wal-mart, ran a Pretty Punch Yarn business, worked in a flower shop and designed Tee-shirts for a few years.

Professional Services Offered
  • Teaches Children (age 13-16), Adults and Seniors
  • Teaches Mediums: Oils, watercolor

Also Offering

  • Commissions: Dog Portraits in pastels via a good photo of your favorite pup
  • Original Works in oils, acrylics & watercolors
  • Demonstrates Alexander Art Company, Wet-on-Wet technique

Red Barn
(original by Robert Warren)


Patient Fisherman

(original by Jerry Yarnell)



Jar and Oranges
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