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John Heinrichs

Heinrichs Art Studio

7855 Cottonwood Lane, Unit 99
Sacramento, CA 95828-5415
(916) 667-8684 (Studio),   (916) 800-4900 (Cell)



About the Artist

John has been a fine art artist for several decades and has taught students just beginning what he calls, “The journey of art.”  Prior to his fine art painting, John has been involved in graphics and graphic design for nearly all of his life.  He won art contests as a child and during high school trained to be an architect winning awards for his designs.

John has worked with several noted artists including Bill Blackman and Jerry Yarnell.  In addition, his work has been critiqued by noted artists including Walfrido Garcia of Hawaii and Buck Paulson of Santa Barbara, CA.  John was influenced by William “Bill” Alexander’s life and the lessons he taught.  Likewise, Wilson Bickford has given new excitement to the field of art instruction with contemporary techniques and art materials.

Heinrichs Art Studio, a department of QC Design Art, Inc., is the educational and instructional arm of John’s other artistic activities.  John’s vision for instruction was to help others learn the joy he experiences each time he is at the easel, painting.  He feels safety in art is vital to a long and enjoyable life in painting.  His instruction includes information about the hazards of some of the painting products used especially for oil painting. Being “Studio Safe,” is all important and involves educated use of all art materials.

John is an Alexander Art Certified Instructor (ACI) and a Wilson Bickford Painting Partner (WBPP).


Professional Services Offered
  • Teaches all levels
  • Demonstrator of Manufactures products and painting techniques
  • Paints & Teaches Oils, Watercolor and Acrylics

Also Offering

  • Lectures Technical Information and Techniques
  • Packets available; also DVD's
  • Commissions accepted
  • Original artworks

"Sunset Keys"


"California Dreaming"

"Season Pot-Fall"

"Country Autum"
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