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Beverly Eckard

600 Driftwood Drive
Gibsonville, NC  27249

Email:  eckardb@gmail.com

About the Artist

Beverly has been involved in art and crafts for many years. She began concentrated study in painting around 1989. Beverly has studied with many of the master artists: Brenda Harris, Este Rayle, Charlie Carpenter, Lowell Spears, Valerie Stewart, Gary Jenkins, and floral painter, Sharon Ross. Beverly has been associated with a number of art companies: Alexander Art, Koh-I-Noor, Grumbacher and ColArt Americas. Beverly has been certified to teach oils and acrylics. At present, Beverly is employed full time in her successful real estate career of 25 years. However, she still makes time to attend all of her district, regional and national meetings and conferences. She has lent her business talents to her organization by helping to schedule dates and places for membership meetings.

Beverly also loves doing the company's trade shows demonstrating and selling the paints and other products. Beverly has just conclude a very successful galley show and as of March 26, 2002, her paintings will be displayed for sale in the Eastchester Florist shop in High Point, North Carolina.

Professional Services Offered
  • Teaches a variety of mediums
  • Workshops and classes
  • Demonstrator of manufacturers product

Also Offering

  • Gallery Shows
  • Commissions



"Baby Thrushes"

"Blue Butterfly"
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