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Carol Earle

321 S. Wood Ave.
Oakdale, CA 95361
209-322-3161(cell 209-380-6288)

Email:  carolearleartist39@comcast.net 

Website:  www.CarolEarle.com

TEAM Classes @ Vegas

About the Artist

In the fifth grade Carol Earle became known as "Carol the Artist." Carol painted a shield with a horse on it for a mythology lesson.  Her teacher liked it so much she took the shield from classroom to classroom and even showed the principal.  Now "Carol the Artist" teaches 10 painting classes a week in Oakdale for both adults and children from her studio. 

As a painter, Carol has won a variety of awards.  This year she has won the Director's Choice award at the San Joaquin County Fair for a painting of a lion and second place at the Stanoslaus County Fair.  Previously she also won Best of Show in the professional division at the Stanislaus County Fair in 1994, with a painting being shown at the California State Fair as part of a group o f Best of Show winners, and in both 1996 and 1998 she win the Grumbacher award.

Carol has been teaching in Oakdale, Ca since 1990 as a Community Service Instructor for Adult Education and also Oakdale Parks and Recreation Department for over 10 years.  She is also a Demonstrator and workshop instructor for Grumbacher, Alexander Art and Winsor & Newton Company. 

National "Featured Teacher" in the Palette Talk 100th Issue Magazine through the Grumbacher/Sanford Company 1999.  Carol has been featured in the Oakdale Ledger newspaper, The Beacon Gazette and the Modesto Bee many times. 

Carol has been teaching and demonstration products for Alexander Company, Sanford Company and Colart of Americas Company since 1988.  She is also teaching in the Pasadena Learning & Product Art Expo October 12-14th, 2007 at the Pasadena Conference Center and at the Las Vegas Creative Painting Convention January 27th-Feb1, 2008 (check out www.VegasPaint.com).

Professional Services Offered

Teaches weekly classes in Oakdale, California

  • Oil
  • Watercolor
  • Tole for adults and children

Also Offering

  • Available for workshops in Oil, Acrylic or Watercolor
  • Teaching at Yosemite National Park Sept 30th thru Oct 6th at the Yosemite Art Center


  • Oil, with Alexander, Grumbacher and Winsor & Newton
  • Acrylic and Watercolor with Grumbacher, Winsor & Newton and Liquitex



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