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Faye Dasher

Valdosta, Georgia
229 560 1575



Email:  paintwithfaye@yahoo.com


About the Artist
 I was raised in Valdosta Georgia, and continue to reside here.  I was always artistically inclined, mostly drawing the human face and figure, taking ceramic classes, sewing,  but not seriously studying art. There just weren't many opportunities to study art in my area, or at least that we know about.
After having children, I enjoyed dabbling in acrylics from time to time, and stenciling , but my  main passion was sewing and I hoped one day to be a professional clothing designer. I was already making clothing for all my family members as well as home decor projects, so it seemed the natural thing to do.
But, it seems God had different plans. I  found painting programs on PBS and thought, as many do, "I'd like to try that one day." Being busy with small children, I waited  a few more years  before I took the plunge. I finally  bought a paint set and the magic began. I seemed to have a natural knack for it and painting became my escape from my busy life. My nearest "wet-on-wet" instructor was an hour and a half away. In  2001, I enrolled in certification classes. After completing the course, I jumped right into  teaching, the plan being, to be able to pay for my classes, and fund my hobby, never realizing how much a blessing that teaching would be. Students became dear friends and teaching was therapy for both me and them! What an awesome "job"! 
I've taken classes under Joyce Ortner, Gary Jenkins, Lynne Pittard and Mary McClead, and numerous others. I am Bob Ross certified in landscape, floral and wildlife.  I also have work published in Brush Strokes.
After teaching wet on wet oil painting for these many years, and offering mostly that technique  to the students, I'm ready to share more of the other media I've  learned to use. We paint in oils, acrylics , and are soon to venture into water mixable oils. I offer a few instructional DVDs and hope soon  to travel and teach workshops. I love to visit other parts of this beautiful country and am ready to go and share this pleasure with others.
I also want to learn more about portrait painting so that I may offer portrait commissions.
My main goal is to show everyone that they can create art, and show them the patience and care that I've been shown on my journey.  I teach in North Florida and South Georgia.I strive to make my students feel at home, special and help to change their lives the way that painting has changed mine. I appreciate those new people that venture  into my classroom, having never taken a class of any sort, and taking that chance with me, and of course, appreciate my faithful regulars. Most of all, I thank my Lord  that He has given me such a blessing.
Professional Services Offered
  • Teaches acrylics, oil, water mixable oils
  • Workshops and classes
  • Instruction for all levels
  • will travel to conduct workshops

Also Offering

  • Instructional DVDs
  • Commissions accepted
  • Original works of Art in assorted subjects

"Fantasy Flowers"


"Oval Roses"

"Snowbound Cabin"

"James and Justin"
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