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Terri Clements

9600 Bartons Creek Rd

Raleigh, NC  27615



Email:  tc59paws@nc.rr.com


About the Artist

Terri was born in Augusta, Georgia, grew up in El Paso, Texas, but her Southern roots remained strong prompting her and her husband Paul and her Mother to return to the South in 1996.  They presently reside in Raleigh, NC.  She has always been drawn to creative endeavors such as sewing, cake decorating, ceramics, gardening, and a variety of other interests.   

An intense love of dogs lured her in the direction of painting.

Never expecting she could actually paint, she none the less made it her mission to find someone from whom to learn.   While living in Greensboro, NC she began studying modestly in  Donna Dewberry classes.   Fate led her to a trade show in Raleigh and a chance meeting with Brenda Harris who directed her to a local artist particularly adept at painting dogs.  After a good bit of convincing on the part of her and her friend, Phyllis Collins,  Master artist  Este Rayle became their mentor, teacher and friend, and life has never been so sweet.

Although Terri enjoys painting a mixed variety of subjects from people to landscapes to still lifes, her first love is dog portraiture and her paintings are hanging in the homes of animal lover’s in the United States, England and Europe. 

Terri has studied with such talented artists as Este Rayle, Valerie Stewart, Brenda Harris, Timothy Tyler, and many more. 

“My sweet dogs have helped  me find an incredible gift,  a talent to paint and a way to express my love of them.  Equally important is the gift of the many friends I have made along the way.  I strive to capture the likeness of the animal and to convey their very soul, spirit, personality and heart as well."

Professional Services Offered
  • Specializes in Canine commissions

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  • Available for workshops





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