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Shirley Chipman

Augusta, Ga

Email:  shirleychip@bellsouth.net

          Website: shirleychip@localnet.com


About the Artist

Shirley Chipman is a certified artist working in the Fine Art field in oil painting and acrylic. She has worked with a number of the nationally known TV artists seen on PBS. Shirley conducts private and semi-private classes in the summer months in Cheboygan, Michigan. The remainder of the year, Shirley resided in Augusta, Georgia.  She shares with students and fellow artists a special technique for drawing that she has mastered.  She has also demonstrated in the Arts and Craft industry for a number of years and worked with various arts and crafts distributors at trade shows. Shirley carries her love for creating into the realm of jewelry. Her nimble fingers design and fabricate many on-of-a-kind gold and silver pieces.

Professional Services Offered
  • Private and semi-private classes in drawing, oil acrylic

Also Offering

  • Original works of Art
  • Commissions:  Portraits, Landscapes and Native American Art


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