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Treasures By Tina

with Tina Carchia

506 E Harvard St
Inverness, FL  34452
(352) 637-0348

Email:  tincar66@yahoo.com

About the Artist

Tina Carchia works hand and hand with her husband Artist / Instructor, Tony Carchia of "Painting for Pleasure" making their living sharing both knowledge and experiences in painting with others.  She is originally from Massachusetts but has been residing in sunny warm Florida enjoying the short winters and without snow since 1993.

Besides being a full time wife, business partner and mother to her niece, Kendra, Tina somehow finds time to paint for herself.  She is mostly self taught ...with some help from her husband and many other painting Instructors through the years. She’s a member of the first South East Certification groups of TEAM.

Tina has displayed her works of art in many of the local libraries in the county she lives and has sold most of what she has painted. Most days, Tina can be found assisting in Tony's classes. The students refer to her as, "Mrs. Fix-it". Tina says, "You can learn a lot from fixing mistakes". Although she has taught, she prefers to leave the teaching to Tony.

Professional Services Offered 
  • Private Lessons - can range from 1 hour to all day sessions
  • Commissions - accepted on an individual basis
  • Wall Murals - decorate your home with a beautiful mural on your walls or doors

Also Offering

  • Original Oil Paintings - for sale or lease
  • Note Cards - Prints from original work for sale


"Commission in Progress"

"Autumn Barn"




"Giant Tulip

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