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Renee Burton

PO Box 5605
Hudson, FL  34674

E-Mail:  rmburton@worldnet.att.net


About the Artist

Relocated from Long Island, NY to Hudson, FL, Renee has dabbled in art since early childhood and has taught ceramics/porcelain and published over 10 articles in two nationwide publications. Renee has been an active painter since early teens, creating works of art in oils, acrylics and watercolor. Teaching oils, acrylics and watercolors to Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students is very rewarding. She loves to teach and interact with students and encourage them to paint. A special interest is painting/teaching animal portraits, floral and seascapes.

Past President of Decorative Artists of Long Island, two term President of Nature Coast Decorative Artists in Springfield, Fl., certified Alexander, Brenda Harris, Priscilla Hauser and TEAM instructor; a member of the Nature Coast Decorative Painters and Society of Decorative Painters and studied under many well-known artists including Brenda Harris, Buck Paulson, Robert Warren, Mary Lou Johnson, Sherry Nelson, Mary Carole, Johnnie Mason-Liliedahl, Charlen Jeffery Satrom, Brenda Stewart, Judy Craddock , Janet Walsh and others.

Professional Services Offered
  • Teaches all levels
  • Instructs Teachers
  • Paints and teaches watercolor, oils and acrylics.
  • Will demonstrate manufacturer’s products and painting techniques in the Hudson/Spring Hill area.

Also Offering

  • Original Works of Art in watercolors, oils and acrylics
  • Commissions – Pet Portraits, and other commissions accepted on an individual basis.
  • Painting Packets – written “How To” instructions to complete a single painting
  • Wall Murals – decorate your home with a beautiful mural on your walls or doors



"Black Capped Chickadee"


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