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Betty Allen

PO Box 133
Mt. Desert, ME 04660

Email:  eallensart@gmail.com


About the Artist

I am a native of Mt. Desert Island, Maine. I graduated  from Pemetic High School, in Southwest Harbor, MaineI grew up in Bernard, married in 1955, raised 3 children, lived  in  Manset, and for the past 35 years have resided  in Mt. Desert .


I  worked on the Maine Seacoast Mission's boat, Sunbeam, as boat steward [cook], for over 25 years. I  married the Sunbeam’s captain,  David Allen, gained 2 stepsons, and moved to Mt. Desert—we both retired in March of 07.   I now have time to teach full time.


I started painting in the 60's, in oils and acrylics but found raising 3 active children, and taking part in all their activities put my personal interests on the back burner!!

In the late 80's, I dug out my paints and, as they say, the rest is history!!!  One of the loves of my life has been teaching.  Others are horseback riding, swimming, sewing, cooking and knitting.  Teaching painting came naturally.


I paint and teach in  oil, pastel, acrylics, pastel and watercolor, any  subject, to young and old.  I teach beginners and anyone else who shows up. I  love the beginner artist as they are so excited when they learn.  I encourage each person to express themselves, not to just copy me.  I do not do abstract as  I believe you  should learn to handle and use color, learn dimension and perspective. I teach the craft of painting, how to use the tools, brushes, paints, etc--  


I teach from my home studio, and used to teach to the islands that  the  Sunbeam, served I also  travel teach. I have taught on   cruise ships and across the country.

I  attend and run painting conferences.  The next painting conference will be for a week at The White Birches Country Club in Ellsworth, Maine—it is the Northeast Regions annual conference--    For info about this and or lessons, contact me at the above addresses—Thank you for taking time to read this--Betty

Professional Services Offered
  • Paints in Oils, watercolor, watercolor batik, opaque watercolors, pastels, acrylic and gouache.
  • Teaching all levels and all mediums


Also Offering

  • Demonstrations of Art materials for Manufacturers
  • Painting Packets - written "How To" instructions to complete a single painting
  • Commissions
  • Framing
  • Sell supplies
  • Enhancing photo with acrylic paint


Water Color

Water Color

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